"I have enjoyed the privilege of knowing Debbie Laskey for several decades, meeting her first as a high school student who interned with our Community Services Department when I worked for the Los Angeles Dodgers. It was evident back then that Debbie was incredibly gifted AND curious...a combination that has contributed greatly to her considerable success in life. Recently, we worked together in coordinating efforts between Special Olympics and the Exceptional Children’s Foundation for our mutual benefit. I have such great respect for Debbie’s knowledge of marketing, communications, and branding, and count her as a personal friend and esteemed colleague. I hope you get to know her." –Bill Shumard, President Emeritus, Special Olympics Southern California (2021)

“One of the things that go along with working for a company with a public profile as high as ours is that you get a lot of advice. Unfortunately, the vast majority of it is off the mark. Your Marketing Plan is a surprising exception. I read it and I have to tell you I think it is outstanding. You have identified the real issues and even beat us to the punch on some (such as the price.) If you are ever interested in working for Disneyland Paris, please let me know. We could really use someone with your talents.” –Steve Burke, President/Chief Operating Officer, Disneyland Paris (France) (Letter from Steve Burke in January 1995)

“Debbie Laskey worked for the summer of 1995 at Disneyland Paris, conducting a competitive audit of European theme parks. During her stay at Disneyland Paris, Debbie proved herself to be hardworking and insightful regarding trends in the theme park business. She clearly understands what makes our products unique and showed a real passion for the business.” –Steve Burke, President/Chief Operating Officer, Disneyland Paris (France) (August 1995)

"I’ve known Debbie Laskey for quite some time…she’s a fellow marketing blogger and just as passionate about brands as I am. She always has a great perspective on the world of marketing! You should follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @DebbieLaskeyMBA." –Jim Joseph, Conscious Marketer, Author, and NYU Adjunct Faculty

"Debbie Laskey owns the intersection of marketing, management, and leadership. She is a gifted writer offering a wealth of insights with erudition and practicality." –James Strock, Leadership Author and Speaker

"Not only is Debbie a master marketer, she is a true and thoughtful collaborator and colleague. Thanks for all you do, Debbie, and for the strong example you set." –Katherine Spinney, Leadership Coach

"One of the great qualities of a leader is that she is able to connect with her audience. From the time I began to read Debbie Laskey's Blog some time ago, I quickly learned that Debbie has this gift. When you join me in putting Debbie's writing on your weekly “must read” list, you will come to know as I have how valuable her insights are. Not just polished and professional as you would expect, her insights are practical and applicable. Without hesitation, I recommend Debbie for anyone who desires to expand their knowledge and understanding of today's marketing and social media trends." –Doug Dickerson, Leadership Author/Coach/Speaker

"Debbie embraced the role of our customer and provided ideas to improve product quality, language ideas to attract new customer with emails and product packaging, and ways to earn business from repeat customers. She understands the nuances of brand building, an expertise that my company benefited greatly from." –Trish Hayes, Photozini

"Debbie is so passionate about marketing, branding, and leadership! That, plus her vast experience and desire to help others, makes her an impressive business partner. Debbie and I worked together on the MicroMentor Ambassadors Committee with MicroMentor.org; and I really enjoyed and appreciated her no-nonsense approach to tackling projects, and her openness to ideas and different opinions." –Eric Jacobson, Leadership Coach

"Debbie assembled a panel discussion on #GivingTuesday efforts for NCM Network, and leading up to the event, she connected with each panelist individually so that she could craft questions geared specifically for the nonprofit experts and media experts on the panel. As moderator, she was both fun and thought-provoking." –Alissa Zito, Step Up

"Debbie’s ability to see clearly through a cluttered landscape is amazing. She has been a pleasure to work with, not only because of her attitude and insights, but because she has the ability to make you feel comfortable presenting your side of the story. As a result, she has become a partner in spreading our passion for marketing." –Julia Carcamo, J Carcamo & Associates

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